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5 top tips for new youth ATV owners

Congratulations on buying a TomRide electric ATV! You’ve made a great choice to join the family and fun. You are probably so excited and can’t wait to start riding, but there are some important things you should do before hopping on your ATV. Here are the top things we recommend you look into while you wait for your ATV to arrive!

At TomRide, we are all about helping you make the most out of the riding experience. After years of welcoming new members to the TomRide family, we have gathered some awesome tips that will help you get the most out of your ATV adventures.

Research local trails and where to ride in your area

This is where the fun starts! Rider Planet is a good place to find parks in your area. You can also give a quick google search for local knowledge that is on the web. Ask around to others who ride, but always be aware of your skill level and where you’ll feel most comfortable riding!

Sign up for a local safety course

With a new ATV comes new responsibility. Everyone who is riding an ATV or supervising should take a course to get familiar with the vehicle, common safety practices, and how to avoid and handle specific situations. You should give an online search for safety courses in your area. Many states have programs. We also recommend If nothing is offered in your area, there are also online courses you can partake in like the ones offered at

Make sure you have or buy the right safety equipment

We have a full article dedicated to choosing the right safety equipment, but here’s the shortlist of what you’ll need:

  • DOT approved riding helmet (most likely included in your ATV order)

  • Riding goggles (or protective visor)

  • Closed toe footwear

  • Gloves

  • Long sleeve shirt/ jacket

  • Long pants

Figure out where you’re going to store your ATV

The most common places to store your ATV are in a garage, a shed, ground level basement or covered structure. Make sure you have easy access to get your ATV in and out. Remember that you’ll need an outlet close by to charge your ATV. Your ATV storage space needs to be dry and covered from the outdoor elements as your ATV’s battery can’t get wet!

Check the weather!

When doing any outdoor activities it’s always important to keep track of the weather. Once you begin to follow the weather and it’s patterns regularly, you will be able to know the best times to ride, when it’s safe to ride, what you’ll need to wear and what to expect. Be careful not to ride in rainy, icy or snowy conditions. We recommend Accu Weather as they allow you to personalize your forecast for your interests and needs.

And that’s a wrap folks! Use these tips and you’ll be well on your way to having a great riding experience in no time! Please comment below if you have any suggestions and tips that you would add to our list!

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