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Professional grade ATVs for beginner and advanced riders

Sale price: $1290
7 business days delivery

Chainless GearBox Transmission, driven by powerful brushless motor, pushing differential system and torque the quad with enormous power.

The differential system increases the ATV stability, requires minimum maintenance, and provides a safe mechanical environment for kids.

The ATV comes with a hydraulic braking system (with a brake sensor); 2 hydraulic calipers on each back wheel make for soft braking in all conditions.

Electronic gear, shifts only when at a complete stop.


A roll over bar can be added to allow beginners to ride together with a parent, and for additional safety.
The heavy duty frame and all parts are designed and constructed for rough terrain.
The adjustable back shock can be set for heavier riders that weigh up to 170 lbs.

Speed Limitation: Separate parent key with 3 speeds will limit the quad to 4mph/8mph/17mph

Extra caution: Parents will find a cable wire located under the seat which sets the max speed of the quad to 4mph regardless of key position (great for naughty kids) 

No license required

A wheelie safety bar will support the quad at high angles and assist the rider to find the right balance point in a safe and controlled environment.

Electric ATV Fod Kids TR240
TomRide gear box

TomRide Gearbox

Powerful brushless motor
Wheelie safety bar
Differential system
Minimum long term maintenance
Safe mechanical environment 

Electric ATV TR240

Available colors

Electric ATV TR240
Electric ATV TR240
Sale price: $1290
7 business days delivery



Technical details


Brushless Motor

2 hours or 10 miles of continuous riding range per charge

Arrives fully assembled


Max Weight

Dirt quad TR240
Electric ATV TR240 Dirt Quad
Electric ATV TR240
Sale price: $1290
7 business days delivery
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