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Electric Quads are a win-win for parents and kids alike


Innovations in automotive technology allow us to combine the safety standards of toys with the experience of off-road riding. We build everything purposefully for maximum safety and performance. Our youth ATVs will help riders gain confidence and expand their riding capabilities in a safe, controlled, environment.

TomRide TR240 ATV for kids
  • Chainless gearbox transmission that uses a Brushless motor.

  • A wheelie safety bar - supports the rider and helps them find the right balance point while popping wheelie. 

  • Hydraulic brake system with a brake sensor stop the motor from running when the handle is pressed.

  • A separate parent’s 3 speed key enables the parent to control the quad speed.

  • Roll over bar allows the beginner to ride together with an adult.

  • Electronic gear (forward / reverse) - shifts only when at a complete stop.

  • Lights & horn.

Advanced Safety Features

Let's get riding!

Begin your experience

  • For 6 year old riders and up.

  • No licensing requirements.

  • Arrives fully assembled.

  • Minimum maintenance.

  • Premium quality components.  

Electric ATV for kids TR240 TomRide
Electric Quad Bikes TR240 TomRide

Advance your experience

  • Max weight of 200 Lbs.

  • Hind wheelie stopper will help your kid find the right balance point in a safe and secure environment.

  • Powerful and intensive ride.

  • Superior performance in extreme terrain.

Quality standards  - regulation

  • USA: ASTM and CPSC certified.

  • EU: CE certified full product line of Tomride™ quads.

Electric Quad Bikes TR240 TomRide
TomRide GearBox TR240 ATV for kids

The Tomride™ GearBox

  • Increase the ATV stability - perfect for beginners.

  • Low maintenance - no chain, no sprocket, no oil and gas.

  • Safe mechanical environment for the young rider - no need to worry about your little ones putting their fingers in places they don't belong.

  • Brushless Power - a powerful brushless motor connected straight to the rear axle increases the ATV's torque.

Electric ATV for kids TR240 TomRide

Maximum Performance

  • Professional grade tubeless tires.

  • Heavy-duty frame.

  • Smart controllers that take the TomRide™ to its maximum performance.

  • Premium Batteries: the most reliable option for a longer & smoother ride.

  • 2 hours or 10 miles of continuous riding range per charge.

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